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IntroductionSpecifically in the areas

of brain tumors, neurostimulators (deep brain stimulation), brain biopsies, pediatric neurosurgery, spinal surgery, and gait analysis, Turquoise Medical’s neurosurgery departments offer diagnosis and treatment services.

Physicians from the departments of neurology, neuroradiology, neuroanesthesia, and psychiatry interact with the neurosurgery department.

For the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors, medical technology tools including PET/CT, CyberKnife, and GammaKnife are used.

Turquoise Medical’s neurosurgery divisions provide diagnosis and care for a wide range of illnesses. Which are:


The use of neurostimulators is a treatment option for chronic illnesses that are difficult to manage and have a negative impact on quality of life, such as resting tremors, slowed movements, walking difficulty, and stiffness, which may be linked to gastrointestinal problems and psychiatric complaints.

One of the most effective therapy options for Parkinson’s disease is the neurostimulator. Treatment for a variety of movement disorders, such as essential tremor, dystonia, Tourette syndrome, and familial tremor disorder, as well as psychiatric conditions like preoccupation (OCD), depression, and epilepsy, involves the use of neurostimulators.

Only Turquoise Medical offers neurostimulator therapy.

Degenerative spinal conditions and disc diseases

The department’s primary areas of interest include spinal stabilization (instrumentation) procedures, vetebrectomy, laminectomy, and cervical, lumbar, and thoracic discectomies.


Compression fractures, epidural and subdural hematomas, skull base repairs, spinal fractures and their stabilization, as well as spinal cord compression, all call for non-elective or urgent procedures.

Cerebrospinal Vascular Diseases

They include endarterectomy, intracerebral hematomas, vascular anastomoses, and spinal AVMs in addition to surgical care of aneurysm, cavernoma, and arteriovenous malformation.


The surgical management of all types of brain and spinal tumors, meningiomas, glial tumors, cerebellopontine tumors, pituitary tumors, tumors of the brain stem, pineal region, and posterior fossa, tumors of the skull base, extramedullary or intramedullary spinal tumors, calvarial lesions, cranioplasty, craniofacial surgery, craniosynostosis, and reconstruction surgeries are covered

Hydrocephalus Treatment Using Neuroendoscopy

This unit performs shunt surgeries, neuroendoscopic procedures, third ventriculostomies, and arachnoid cyst fenestration.

Functional Neurosurgery

The facility deals with epilepsy, insertion of a vagal nerve stimulator, microvascular decompression for hemifacial spasm and trigeminal neuralgia, and these conditions.

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

The department performs procedures for nerve entrapment disorders and repairs peripheral nerve anastomoses.

Pediatric Neurosurgery

This department deals with the surgical treatment of children cerebro-spinal and nervous system illnesses. At the hospitals and clinics of Turquoise Medical, neuroendoscopic hydrocephalus, cerebellar gliomas, deep brain tumors such thalamic and hypothalamic gliomas, as well as epilepsy, are identified and treated.

Laboratory for Gait Analysis

Gait analysis entails a qualitative assessment of motions and data interpretation. Physical examination and three-dimensional movement analysis are both included in a gait analysis.

Physical Examination: The analysis starts with a thorough physical examination, a range-of-motion (ROM) assessment, and measurements of the goniometer. Measurements include height, weight, leg length, and range of motion.

Three-dimensional analysis of movement: While the subject is moving around a platform, markers are connected to specific body parts, movements are detected by infrared and DVD cameras, and finally, the information is sent to a specialized computer. The computer records and examines the data. Results of the evaluation of the records in graphic and three-dimensional picture formats are provided.

Brain Tumor surgeries

Treatments during the year.

Cerebrovascular diseases surgeries

Treatments during the year.

Spinal tumors surgeries

Treatments during the year.

Brain And Nerve SurgeryBrain battery


Patients with parkinson and patients experiencing involuntary contraction seizure and failing are also used.


Early diagnosis of the disease is important.


The battery that will give normal electric waves to the brain is surgically placed under the chest cage or bridge bone.


Imaging techniques MR, Tomography, EEG, EMG.

Vaccination & Testing

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NEUROSURGERYProf.Dr.Serdar Baki Albayrak

Admission of patients to the medical unit of brain and nerve surgery (neurosurgery) of the VM Medical Park Florya hospital of the IAU, Prof. Dr. Serdar Albayrak …


Pituitary diseases
Endoscopic surgeries
Spinal cord tumor
Spine surgery
Spine surgery
Briefs at the waist
Carpal tunnel