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IntroductionUnshaven Hair Transplant

Numerous studies have been conducted in the sector with the goal of maintaining more comfortable and effective transplant procedures. Hair transplant without shaving, also known as unshaven transplant, is one of the most recent hair transplant techniques. Women with hair longer than 15 cm are particularly pleased with the results. More and more women are opting for hair transplants rather than shaving to restore their natural hair.


Men can use this method if they do not want to shave their heads or change their hairstyle. The method necessitates careful and diligent work for better results. As a result, you should exercise extreme caution when selecting the appropriate facility. Qualified and experienced hands enable more fruitful outcomes.

Unshaven hair transplant

The main reason for shaving the head of hair before traditional transplant procedures is that it allows the medical staff to better see the hair follicles and allows for more comfortable movement in the planting area. Getting a traditional FUE transplant is not difficult for men who are used to wearing their hair short. It can be difficult for women and some men who do not want to have their hair trimmed prior to the treatment. As a result of unshaven hair transplant, a relatively new technology, we can perform hair transplant without completely shaving hair.


Treatment Summary

Of Transactions


Processing Time

6-8 Hours

Anesthesia Method


Sensitivity Process

2 - 3 Days

Return to Work

1-2 Days

Full Recovery Process

1 week

Persistence of Results


Eating - Drinking

2 hours later


Without shaving, there are two ways to accomplish a hair transplant.

Geographical trimming:

Our specialists can transplant 1000-1500 grafts with local trimming. Only a small portion of the donor area is shaved, which is typically a 10-by-5-inch rectangle.

Completely Unshaven Hair Transplant:

Women with hair that is longer than 15 cm prefer this method. This method is applicable to both traditional FUE and DHI hair transplants. When compared to regional trimming and traditional FUE, it is a time-consuming and complex procedure. Our doctors determine whether the patient is a good candidate for this procedure.

Unshaven hair transplant Turkey

Turkey is one of the few countries that provides unshaven hair transplants. Many people prefer to get hair transplants without shaving because of the appealing benefits. In Istanbul, Turkey, we offer unshaven hair transplant with a high success rate. Our institution provides skilled physicians and hair specialists in the field of hair transplantation. Our primary goal is to ensure the satisfaction of clients who travel to Turkey for hair transplant procedures.

Unshaven hair transplant costs

The costs of operations fluctuate with this strategy as more labor and time are required. No shave hair transplant costs naturally rise as the surgery takes longer and there is a greater chance of success. Price is less important than the patient’s comfort and the success of the operation. Our center offers high-quality services delivered by knowledgeable employees.


IntroductionUnshaven hair transplant results

During the first 10 days after a hair transplant without shaving, the roots recover. Crusting is the most obvious sign of this healing process. Crusting is a temporary condition that will disappear after several lotion washes.

Hair follicles that are just beginning to grow may itch as they try to reach the skin’s surface. Shock hair loss can last anywhere from one to three months, depending on the individual. After the loss, your new hair begins to grow, and the phase lasts six months.

The results of no-shave hair transplants are typically just as effective as those of other techniques. At our clinics, we are held accountable for the operation’s performance. Almost all unshaven hair transplant results are successful in our doctor’s expert hands. We have a policy of providing excellent service at reasonable prices.

Unshaven hair transplant advantages

The doctor gains nothing from this approach, but the patient gains in a variety of ways from no-shave hair transplants.

  • This method conceals the unappealing postoperative appearance.
  • Both before and after the procedure, you can keep your current haircut.
  • You can return to your normal routine much more quickly.
  • Women no longer need to wait years to achieve their desired hair length.

The method became popular due to its enticing benefits. Because of these advantages, people may have a more comfortable postoperative period.

Unshaven hair transplant disadvantages

In addition to these advantages, the disadvantages of no-shave hair transplantation may irritate you.

  • When performing no-shave hair transplants, the hair transplant team, in particular, must put in a lot more effort and care.
  • It is more difficult to maintain a clean environment.
  • The cost of no-shave hair transplant procedures can be quite high.
  • More postoperative complications are possible. The patient may need to focus more.

Even if there are numerous disadvantages, you can overcome them by paying close attention. In-depth attention and regular checkups will be extremely effective in eliminating these benefits.

Do I need to take any precautions before obtaining a hair transplant?

During the online/first consultation, the doctor will, of course, prepare you physically and mentally for a hair transplant. He or she will go over a list of precautions that must be taken, such as discontinuing any medications or hair products containing chemicals that are harmful to the grafts, smocking before the procedure, fasting before the procedure, and so on.Can I dye my hair after having a hair transplant?

It is not advised to use harsh chemicals on your scalp for the first six months. It is best to be patient while you heal.