Cracked Tooth Treatment

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IntroductionCracked Tooth Treatment

Tooth fractures are a sad situation that can happen to anyone, child or adult. Tooth fractures, which are mostly seen in children and occur as a result of accidents such as falling or hitting, can be easily treated thanks to modern medicine. Tooth fractures that occur especially in the front milk teeth until the age of 4 can cause speech retardation in children of developmental age. In this case, dental traumas, fractures or lip, tongue biting, and tearing can be prevented as a result of the cushioning effect of a silicone transparent mouthpiece placed on the upper jaw teeth.

Part of the Broken Tooth, Part of the Solution

Tooth fractures are among the health problems that can be treated. Turquoisedent, with its advanced technology devices and materials, can intervene in all problems related to oral and dental health, as well as help patients regain their former health in accidents resulting in tooth breakage or loss. Tooth fractures that occur in accident situations such as falling or hitting can be glued in place with strong adhesives if there is a part of the broken tooth. The part of the broken tooth found after the accident should be cleaned with water and taken to the dentist.

IntroductionHow Should the First Response for Tooth Fractures Be?

Wrapping the tooth in a moist hygienic gauze cloth during transplantation is of great importance for the tooth to adhere to its former place healthily. If there is a situation that cannot be intervened urgently, the fragments of the broken tooth can be preserved in the physiological saline solution that can be obtained from the pharmacy. If there is a situation where the pharmacy cannot be reached, it is of great importance to store the part or parts of the tooth in a glass of milk. If these two conditions, which are among the emergency response options, cannot be met, then the tooth should be thoroughly washed with water and taken to the dentist by holding it under the tongue. Depending on the severity of the impact or fall during the accident, the tooth may move towards the bone or break and mix into the lip tissue.

What Happens If The Fragment Of The Broken Tooth Can’t Be Found?

If the part of the broken tooth could not be found after the accident or it was divided into pieces too small to adhere, then the composite white filling in the color of the tooth may be the solution. Composite fillings need to be well maintained. With the guidance of the child by the parents, it is of great importance to brush the teeth regularly and keep them clean. On the other hand, since composite fillings do not have a long service life, they must be renewed at regular intervals.

Tooth Fractures Can Affect Early Development

Tooth fractures caused by falling or hitting can be treated by a Pedodontist, and the tooth can be restored to its former health. In children, tooth fractures or tooth loss at an early age can cause significant problems in the coming years. Since children are at developmental age, an early solution can prevent the growth of the problem in such cases, which may adversely affect the jaw muscles that develop with chewing functions or speech functions.

Can Loss of Milk Teeth Be Treated?

When it comes to the complete loss of one or more of the milk teeth at an early age, it is best to consult a Pedodontist. In the examinations performed by specialist dentists in Turquoisedent branches, different solutions can be applied in the treatments performed with the diagnosis of tooth loss. Metal placeholders placed between teeth are one of these solutions. To prevent a structural defect in later ages, a placeholder can be placed in place of the missing tooth to prevent the surrounding teeth from slipping. Thus, a possible orthodontic problem at later ages is prevented.

Treatment Summary

Of Transactions


Processing Time

10 days

Anesthesia Method

Local anesthesia

Sensitivity Process


Return to Work


Full Recovery Process

1-2 days

Persistence of Results

5 year

Eating - Drinking

2 hours later


Zirconium Coating 400+
Root Treatment 250+
Bleaching 90+
Filling 450+


Zirconium Crowns 1.400+
Laminated Veneer 350+
Bleaching 100+
Filling 250+


Zirconium Crowns 2.500+
Root Treatment 2.000+
Bleaching 300+
Filling 1.400+


Detertraj 1.440+
Küretaj 7.650+
Flap Operation 650+
Gum Inflammation 450+