Laminate Veneers

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IntroductionWhat is?

Fixed prosthetic restorations are utilized to address aesthetic issues in the anterior region where a tooth is not missing. Full crowns have long been used to try to address the aesthetic issue, which is one of the patients’ main worries. However, this is a situation where a significant quantity of tooth substance is lost. Lifting the bulkier portion of the dental tissue may result in a number of issues. As a result, the importance of natural dental tissue has been better appreciated, and restorations where material loss is limited are selected in order to reduce tissue damage that will last a lifetime.

How is it administered?

We can create aesthetically pleasing restorations while protecting the natural dental tissue because to the advancements in adhesive technology and restorative materials. A protective option for complete crowns that will protect the anterior teeth’s aesthetics is laminated porcelain veneer. One of the most common dental treatments in recent years is laminated porcelain veneer. By altering the colors and contours of the teeth, laminated porcelain veneer is a technique that solves aesthetic issues. The front of the tooth is covered with laminated porcelain veneer, which the dentist prepares in a lab setting and applies using adhesive techniques.

IntroductionHow much time does it?

The tooth may receive the laminated porcelain veneer in two appointments at the very least. Depending on how many laminated porcelain veneers are applied, different session lengths are required. The measurement is made during the initial appointment when the tooth’s enamel has eroded between 0.3 and 1.0 millimeter. Sometimes it is unnecessary to corrode the teeth. The laminated porcelain veneer, which is created in a lab environment according to the patient’s smile design and tooth color, is applied to the outside of the tooth with adhesives that match the color of the tooth during a later appointment.

Whom is it?

This therapy is the most protective treatment option for patients who do not like the color of their teeth, for those who have structural dental disorders, for those who want to close spaces between their teeth, for those who have corroded teeth, for those who need to fix entangled teeth, and in those situations where the length of the tooth should be increased.

Treatment Summary

Of Transactions


Processing Time

10 Days

Anesthesia Method

Local anesthesia

Sensitivity Process


Return to Work


Full Recovery Process

1-2 Days

Persistence of Results

5 Years

Eating - Drinking

2 Hours Later


Zirconium Coating 400+
Root Treatment 250+
Bleaching 90+
Filling 450+


Zirconium Crowns 1.400+
Laminated Veneer 350+
Bleaching 100+
Filling 250+


Zirconium Crowns 2.500+
Root Treatment 2.000+
Bleaching 300+
Filling 1.400+


Detertraj 1.440+
Küretaj 7.650+
Flap Operation 650+
Gum Inflammation 450+