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IntroductionWhat is a Same-Day Implant?

The implant and crown operation is finished by the dental specialist on the same day. In order to determine whether there are any conditions preventing implant placement, the patient’s medical state is analyzed, and the jaw bones are examined. To be a good candidate, you must have a healthy mouth and set of teeth. A lot of people choose same-day implants because of the outcomes they provide.

How to Insert Same-Day Implants?

X-rays and CT scans are acquired during the initial evaluation, and a treatment strategy is developed. The doctor begins the implant procedure after gaining the patient’s approval. Following tooth extractions, oral surgeons place the implants. Two hours are needed to finish it. Provisional teeth are inserted in the patient’s mouth before continuing. Following this treatment, the patient’s approved replacement permanent teeth are inserted, allowing him or her to enjoy their new, healthy smile.

The Advantages of Same-day Implants

While conventional dental implants require a lengthy procedure, same-day implants provide a quicker way to have healthy, attractive teeth. The patients return to daily life rapidly. It is cozy and simple to maintain. It provides a natural appearance and speeds up the recovery of speech and eating abilities.

The Disadvantages of Same-day Implants

Not all patients are suitable for it. Certain medical conditions must be satisfied.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate For Same-Day Implants?

In cases of single, multiple, or total tooth loss, same-day implant treatment may be used. The patient is anticipated to have good bones and overall dental health, which is the most crucial factor.

How Long Do The Same-Day Implants Last?

Like other implant surgeries, it is a long-lasting solution, but the patient must pay special attention to mouth hygiene to ensure the implants’ continued good health.

Treatment Summary

Of Transactions


Processing Time

1 days

Anesthesia Method

Local / General

Sensitivity Process

1 week

Return to Work

1 day after

Full Recovery Process

1 week

Persistence of Results


Eating - Drinking

2 hours later


Zirconium Coating 400+
Root Treatment 250+
Bleaching 90+
Filling 450+


Zirconium Crowns 1.400+
Laminated Veneer 350+
Bleaching 100+
Filling 250+


Zirconium Crowns 2.500+
Root Treatment 2.000+
Bleaching 300+
Filling 1.400+


Detertraj 1.440+
Küretaj 7.650+
Flap Operation 650+
Gum Inflammation 450+