Multiple Teeth Implant

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IntroductionWhat is a Multiple Tooth Implant Treatment?

Because of the difficulties that may develop on the teeth, it may be necessary to pull certain teeth if they become defective. A missing tooth or missing teeth are replaced using a procedure known as multiple tooth implant (implant-supported bridges). A minimum of two lost teeth are needed in order to use dental bridges. A multiple tooth implant (implant supported bridges) therapy is when two implants are used to replace two or three lost teeth.

How to Insert Implant-supported bridges?

The initial step is to have a consultation and evaluation with a jaw and oral surgery specialist. Before beginning treatment, patients with specific medical conditions (such as chronic diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, and heart diseases) should contact their doctor. The jaw bone is where implants are put. The physician applies gauze, sutures the wound, and evaluates the injured area a week later. In 10 days, it should be recovered. Temporary healing caps are taken off after three months, and crowning measurements are then obtained. The crown is then installed, giving the patient beautiful teeth and a radiant smile.

The Advantages Of Implant-Supported Bridges

A bridge-like design allows for fewer implants while saving more teeth. On top of the crowns are bridges supported by implants. The system is also less expensive. After a tooth is lost, it helps to improve the damaged capacity to eat and communicate. It has a favorable impact on social life. It offers stability and is quite strong.

The Disadvantages Of Implant-Supported Bridges

Like all implant treatments, there is a drawn-out procedure, but given the comfort and natural appearance it offers, one can overlook it.

How Long Do The Implant – Supported Bridges Last?

It is a permanent solution, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Titanium, a substance friendly to bone tissue, is used to make implants. They last a long time as a result.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate For The Implant-Supported Bridges?

For an implant-supported bridge, at least two missing teeth must be on the same arch. The crowning process is supported by the implants that have been placed in the bone.

Treatment Summary

Of Transactions


Processing Time

5 hours

Anesthesia Method

Local / General

Sensitivity Process

1 week

Return to Work

1 day after

Full Recovery Process

1 week

Persistence of Results


Eating - Drinking

2 hours later


Zirconium Coating 400+
Root Treatment 250+
Bleaching 90+
Filling 450+


Zirconium Crowns 1.400+
Laminated Veneer 350+
Bleaching 100+
Filling 250+


Zirconium Crowns 2.500+
Root Treatment 2.000+
Bleaching 300+
Filling 1.400+


Detertraj 1.440+
Küretaj 7.650+
Flap Operation 650+
Gum Inflammation 450+