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IntroductionBichectomy - Hollywood Cheeks

Since ancient times, when beauty is mentioned, the “golden ratio”, which is a mathematical ratio between face shapes, is sought. One of the components of this golden ratio on the face is the shape of the cheek. Sometimes, although people do not have weight problems, their cheeks usually appear fuller than normal due to genetic predisposition and this causes some aesthetic problems. The solution of these problems and the ideal appearance of the cheek shape is possible with the “bichectomy” operation.

Bichectomy treatment, which can also be described as a cheek thinning operation, can be applied in combination with other applications related to facial rejuvenation and smile design, as well as being one of the most popular aesthetic applications in recent years.

What is a bichectomy?

The clarity of the cheekbones and the sharpness of the lines are of great importance in facial aesthetics. The triangle formed by the cheekbones and chin on both cheeks is called the “youth triangle” and the prominence of these points greatly changes the facial aesthetics of the person. Sometimes the lines formed by the cheekbones disappear with the appearance of too full cheeks and the person has more rounded facial features. This situation is not only related to overweight, but also genetic factors can be decisive. While this image may be considered normal for a certain period of time after adolescence, it may become aesthetically disturbing later on. In such cases, the treatment method in which a certain amount of adipose tissue is surgically removed from the cheek is called “Bichectomy”.

IntroductionHow is a bichectomy done?

First of all, the person’s suitability in terms of examination and operation is determined by a specialist physician. If bichectomy will not be performed in combination with another facial rejuvenation application, the procedure is usually performed through the mouth. For this, first of all, anesthesia is applied to the inner cheek tissue to be treated in the mouth. Then, with a small incision, the inner cheek fat tissue called “Buccal Fat” is reached and some of this tissue is removed from the cheek area, making the cheekbones more prominent. At this stage, one of the most important points is to provide a similar appearance on both cheeks and to achieve the necessary symmetrical image. After the ideal image is captured, the incision areas in the mouth are closed with stitches.

What Should Be Considered After Bichectomy Treatment?

Generally, after bichectomy applications, the person can return to his/her normal life directly. As in every surgical intervention, the use of antibiotics, painkillers and mouthwash may be recommended by the physician after the bichectomy operation. In the first few days after the operation, some pain and swelling may be observed due to edema. The risk of developing edema can be reduced with the application of cold compresses. Since the incision is made through the mouth, attention should be paid to the doctor’s instructions about nutrition for a while. These problems disappear in about a week and the treatment is completed by removing the intraoral sutures. The results of the bichectomy can be seen literally in about six months.

Who Can Have a Bichectomy?

Bichectomy, that is, cheek thinning operation, can be performed for every person who is disturbed by the excess fat tissue in their cheeks that is not related to weight. In addition, the age of 25 is generally accepted as the age limit for bichectomy operation. The reason for this is that the face shapes of people do not fit completely until the age of 25 and the cheek shapes can vary until this age. Afterwards, there is not much change in the face shapes and cheek structures of the people.

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Treatment Summary

Of Transactions


Processing Time

30 minutes

Anesthesia Method

Local anesthesia

Sensitivity Process

15 days

Return to Work

1 day after

Full Recovery Process

1 month

Persistence of Results


Eating - Drinking

2 hours later


Zirconium Coating 400+
Root Treatment 250+
Bleaching 90+
Filling 450+


Zirconium Crowns 1.400+
Laminated Veneer 350+
Bleaching 100+
Filling 250+


Zirconium Crowns 2.500+
Root Treatment 2.000+
Bleaching 300+
Filling 1.400+


Detertraj 1.440+
Küretaj 7.650+
Flap Operation 650+
Gum Inflammation 450+