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IntroductionWhat is Thoracic Surgery?

Thoracic surgery is the medical science that deals with the surgical treatment of diseases of the chest wall, ribs, lungs, lung membranes, diaphragm, esophagus. Thoracic surgery deals with congenital deformations in the thorax, tumor formations, strictures in the respiratory tract, lung tumors, diseases of the diaphragm and esophagus. These diseases are diagnosed, treated and followed by thoracic surgery clinics.

In our hospital; oncologists, pulmonologists and radiologists work together. Hospital perform surgical treatments of chest and lung diseases, from newborn to adult, with latest technology devices.

Thoracic Surgery Diseases

  • Chest wall deformity repairs (deformities -Excavatum, Carinatum)
  • Diaphragm paralysis (unilateral – bilateral)
  • Diaphragmatic hernias, surgery, tumors and diaphragm battery
  • Emphysema surgery –Volume Reduction Surgery
  • Excessive sweating (ETS)
  • Fluid collection in the chest cavity
  • Inflammation of the pleura (Empyema) and pleural cancers
  • Lung bleeding (hemoptysis) and lung injuries
  • Lung cancer
  • Lung infections (bronchiectasis) and lung cysts
  • Lung perforation
  • Mediastinal cysts
  • Mediastinal tumors and Mediastinal cysts
  • Metastatic tumors of the lung (Tumors of organs such as colon, kidney, liver, brain, etc.)
  • Thoracic arcus deformities, tumors and injuries
  • Thoracic trauma surgery
  • Tracheal tumors and tracheal injuries
  • Thymus tumors
  • Tracheal surgery and tracheal stents
  • Tracheostomy post-tracheal repair
  • Tuberculosis surgery
  • Esophageal hernias and esophageal cancers
Lung Cancer

Treatments during the year.


Treatments during the year.


Treatments during the year.

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Thoracic Surgery Diagnostic Methods

Mediastinoscopy: It is a procedure where a camera is inserted into the mediastinum. With this method, lesions are examined.

Mediyastinotomi: This method is the same as the Mediastinoscopy method. However, with this method, more difficult areas are examined.

Esophagoscopy: Foreign substances are removed by entering the esophagus. Lesions in the esophagus are examined with this method.

Bronchoscopy: This diagnostic method is made by entering the trachea. At the same time, foreign substances in the bronchi are removed with this method. Samples are taken from lesions in the bronchi.

Thoracic Surgery Treatment Method

Thoracic surgery is divided into two as open and closed treatment methods. The shape of the surgical operations is determined by the patient’s condition,anatomical structure and the condition of the lesion.

Open surgery method: The open surgery method is preferred especially when the lesion is large, the disease has reached an advanced level and there is adhesion to the surrounding tissues.

Closed surgical methods: Closed surgical methods are divided into two as Robotic (Davinci) and VATS.

VATS: In this method, the thoracic cavity is entered with a camera. Then, the surgical operation is performed with special hand tools. In this operation, a minimal incision of two centimeters is applied. In this method, the patient’s pain and bleeding is less. The hospital stay of the patient is short.

Robotic surgery (Davinci): The working principle of this method is the same as the VATS method. The operator doctor in the console unit performs the surgery by controlling the robot arms inside. This surgical operation is a latest technology method. The advantages of this method are; the patient’s bleeding is less, the patient’s hospital stay is reduced, the patient can return to his daily life earlier, the size of the surgical incision is small, and the postoperative pain is less.

Thoracic Surgery Operations
  • Chest wall deformity repairs (nuss technique)
  • Diaphragm surgery
  • Emphysema surgery
  • Fluid collection in the chest cavity
  • Lung cancer
  • Lung perforation (pneumothorax)
  • Lung volume reduction surgery
  • Minimally invasive thoracic surgery
  • Tracheal surgery and tracheal stents
  • Trauma surgery
  • Tuberculosis surgery
Excessive Sweating Surgery

Excessive sweating surgery is performed in the thoracic surgery department. Excessive sweating surgery operations are as follows:

  • Hand and armpit sweating operations are performed in the lung cavity.
  • General anesthesia method.
  • The operation is performed after the lung on that side is deflated on whichever side is being operated. After the deflated lung is inflated, the operation of the other side is started.
  • Excessive sweating surgery is performed with a closed surgery method called thoracoscopic. Excessive sweating surgery is 5 mm. performed through a single hole.
  • During the treatment, the relevant part of the nerve that causes sweating is blocked or removed by entering the lung cavity with the closed method.
  • In excessive sweating surgery, the right and left sides are performed in the same session.
  • Sweating surgery performed with the closed method and surgery takes a total of half an hour.

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