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IntroductionTurquoise Medical's

urology clinics provide adult and pediatric patients with urologic examinations, diagnosis, and treatment services.

Diagnosis and Treatment Services in Urology Department

Turquoise Medical’s urology units provide diagnostic and therapeutic services in urologic cancer surgeries, pediatric urology surgeries, urodynamics, and male sexual dysfunctions in addition to routine procedures like prostate and bladder TUR, open and laparoscopic stone operations (ureteroscopy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy), and ESWL therapy.

For urinary issues brought on by benign prostate hyperplasia, there are both medical and surgical treatments available (TUR, Greenlight Laser PVP, Greenlight Laser HPS, and Holmium Laser prostate operations – HoLEP-Feedback Thermotherapy). Additionally, we put a lot of effort into promoting prostate health in areas like prostatitis treatment and prostate cancer screening.


The facility routinely performs radical prostatectomy with nerve preservation for prostate cancer and radical cystectomy for bladder cancer. Additionally, anesthesiology departments and intensive care units collaborate to execute various urologic oncology surgeries, such as those for renal and testicular malignancies. For some urologic cancer patients, treatments are organized in collaboration with medical oncology and radiotherapy departments.

Endourology and Stone Diseases

At Turquoise Medical, endoscopic (closed) operations are also used to treat urinary system stones.

In addition to surgery, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is employed. Endourologic treatment for the stone disease is provided by the urology department (ureteroscopy, percutaneous renal stone surgery –percutaneous nephrolithotomy).

Female urology

At the facility, illnesses like interstitial cystitis and stress or urge incontinence are identified and treated.

The urodynamics unit provides diagnostic tests for issues with voiding and urine continence. For the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of all forms of urine incontinence (such as bedwetting in infants or urinary incontinence illnesses in adults) and myelodysplastic syndromes, urodynamic investigations and uro-radiologic approaches are used (spina bifida).


Male infertility, or infertilities brought on by male causes, as well as erectile dysfunction, which means problems with erection and ejaculation in males, are evaluated, tested for, and treated in collaboration with other medical departments.

Pediatric Urology

Pediatric urology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of congenital or acquired urogenital disorders in children, including prenatal life, newborn infants, and later stages. Hydrocele, cord cysts, undescended testicles, circumcision, emergency of the testes and scrotum (acute scrotum and testicle torsion), and hypospadias are a few examples of these conditions.

The surgical treatment of hypospadias, a congenital disorder in which the urethral opening is situated on the ventral surface rather than the tip of the glans, falls under the purview of urology. Surgery can be used to cure hypospadias.

Infertility Surgery

Treatments during the year.

Kidney and urinary tract stone surgeries

Treatments during the year.

Prostate Surgery

Treatments during the year.


UrologyInfertility surgery


Patients who can not have a child in natural ways.


Regularly giving spermiogram test.


Open and closed surgical methods to explain dual obstruction in the testes and bring to normal shape of the testes.


Blood tests, spermiography, sperm quality test.

Vaccination & Testing

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UROLOGYProf.Dr.Semih Ayan

Urological oncology
Pediatric urology
Prostate cancer
Kidney tumors
Bladder tumors
Laparoscopic surgery
Renal outlet stenosis
Urinary reflux to the kidneys