Thoracic Surgery

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IntroductionDiseases that start

in or involve organs of the chest cavity are diagnosed, and if necessary, surgically treated, at Turquoise Medical’s Thoracic Surgery departments.

Patients who present to our institutions’ departments of thoracic surgery are evaluated using a multidisciplinary approach by a group of oncologists, pulmonary medicine specialists, and radiologists in addition to thoracic surgeons.

Diagnosis and Treatment Services are available in Thoracic Surgery Department

Major lung resections, tracheal resections, Brachioplasty, chest wall resection and reconstruction, rigid and fiberoptic bronchoscopy, mediastinoscopy, video thoracoscopy (VATS), and thoracic surgery emergencies are among the diagnoses and treatments provided by Turquoise Medical’s thoracic surgery departments (including removal of tracheobronchial and oesophagal foreign bodies).

As well as treating benign conditions of the thoracic organs and cancerous pleural effusions, thoracic surgery departments also do invasive procedures to treat lung, oesophagal, tracheal, mediastinal, and metastatic lung malignancies, mesothelioma, sarcoma, thoracic outlet syndrome, and thymoma.

Cancer Surgery

Treatments during the year.

Tracheal Surgery

Treatments during the year.

Diaphragm Surgeries

Treatments during the year.

Thoracic SurgeryLung and liver mass removal surgery


Patient shortenance, stress and pain in the thoracic cage, nausea vomiting, disorders in the chest cage.


A doctor must be consulted and necessary controls must be made by imaging procedures, in things of breathing and construction in the chest cage.


Removing the mass detected in the lung by open surgical methods.


Blood tests, lung x-ray, tomography and pet ct.

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Lung cancer
Minimally invasive surgery
Regional excessive sweating
Surgery for diseases of the pulmonary membranes
Chest wall deformities
Thymus surgery
Trachea surgery
Diaphragm surgery